Event Technology


Support via Email

Send a detailed email to the team. The details that you provide are documented in a service ticket and automatically assigned a unique ID number to track progress. We will send you a confirmation email with the ticket number to let you know we received your request.

Email Support

Send Email

Help Desk Support

If you are unable to perform your job duties, contact the Help Desk to speak with a live agent. The Help Desk agent will document the call and issue a service ticket while attempting to assist you. If the agent does not successfully find a resolution after initial troubleshooting, the agent will escalate the ticket to an appropriate support tier.

24/7/365 Telephone Support

(407) 996-2589

RH&R Event Technology Support
(In-House Ext: 6118605)

Be prepared!

Please have this information ready in order to expedite service requests:

  • Name of user reporting the issue
  • Call back number
  • Property and department requesting support
  • Time when issue started to occur
  • Example or description of the issue
  • Other application(s) or hardware having issue
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