Network Assessment Services


Our Network Assessment gives you a clear picture of your network infrastructure. If your organization is looking to upgrade or expand your network, the first step is to understand the capabilities and shortcomings of your existing network. We can help. Our Network Assessment identifies equipment that needs to be upgraded and pinpoints performance issues such as bottlenecks. Once network issues are uncovered, we can provide remediation plans to fix the problems and optimize your network’s performance.

How a Network Assessment Works

Our Network Assessment is the perfect way to identify network issues or to begin network infrastructure development, expansion, or upgrade discussions. It outlines the key issues that you need to address to ensure a successful implementation and growth.  Our assessment helps you understand how your IT hardware and software work together. We begin by building a network map within Microsoft Visio that graphically depicts your network hardware layout. This will help you plan your network IT budget more effectively.  The hardware and software lifecycle is analyzed and detailed inventory reports are produced. We summarize the devices with performance concerns so that you are able to quickly identify problem areas and bottlenecks. We then finalize the reports and make recommendations for improvements.

Network Assessment Engineer
An Engineer Working on Network Assessment Tools

Assessment Benefits

  1. Our Network Assessment provides comprehensive documentation to give you an in-depth understanding of any issues that arise during the simulated traffic.
  2. Your QoS configuration is detailed to provide performance analysis of your complete network.
  3. You can establish a baseline and learn which areas of your infrastructure offer the best investments in order to achieve your desired network performance. Our assessment gives you the tools and information to optimize your network for real-time traffic.
  4. First there is a kickoff call to review documents and schedule your assessment.
  5. Then an engineer validates the data.
  6. Finally we prepare your deliverables and recommendation document and provide an executive review of the findings.

What to Expect

Assessment Deliverables

  • Asset report
  • Visio network topology
  • Detailed infrastructure analysis
  • Network topology
Engineer Identifying Network Issues

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