Temperature Body Control Gate

Temperature Body Control Gate

The recent COVID-19 outbreak challenged the fast-paced business world, forcing companies across all industries to reexamine their methods for keeping workplaces healthy and productive for business partners and customers. More, now than ever, it’s clear to companies that more must be done to ensure business safety from a health and wellness perspective that’s comprehensive but not intrusive.

The Adonyss body temp gate is a walk-through body temp scanner that uses non-contact technology to screen human body temperature.Businesses committed to performing temperature screening of their staff and clientele appreciate the efficiency and accuracy that this technology offers.The Adonyss QT Temperature Body Control Gate is ideal for all businesses, but it’s especially effective in high-crowd situations such as concerts, conference centers, and any other large gathering.

body temperature gate doesn’t require contact or specialized medical knowledge to use. It’s designed to display real-time body temperature and alerts individuals using visual and audible alarms when it detects body temperatures over the standard but configurable threshold of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Businesses prefer body scanners over contactless temperature wands because they are accurate while not requiring people to be in close contact with each other. Contactless temperature wands must be used by individuals and require both people to be closer together than the recommended six-feet social distancing recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).




body temperature gate


body temp scanning gate

Infection control in office spaces, large venues, and other spaces has never been more important than it is today. At Millennium Technology Group, we’ve helped small to midsize businesses in Central Florida and beyond meet their technology needs for over 20 years. We’re constantly looking for ways that technology can improve companies’ productivity through IT solutions and enhanced safety protocols. The Adonyss body temperature scanner is another piece of the puzzle for providing your company with technology services that put it in the best possible position to compete in today’s fast-changing business environment.

Millennium Technology Group understands the challenges small and mid-sized businesses in the Orlando, FL, area face to find the best technology for their companies’ needs. We offer practical solutions that make it easier for businesses to reduce the risk of infection while not violating privacy laws.Technology like body gate scanners is harmless to humans and ideal for public transit stations, hospitals, schools, and office buildings.

Let us show you how technology can improve business safety. To learn more about the benefits and features of the Adonyss QT Temperature Body Control Gate, contact the Millennium Technology Group in Central Florida and the Orlando area at (407) 996-2399!




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