Working with the right contractors and service providers for your small business can be as important to your company’s success as hiring the right employees. But how can you ensure that you’re finding the right service providers? The answer will vary depending on the exact services you’re looking for, but when hiring the top managed service provider in Orlando, we have some tips that can help. Keep reading to learn a few important things you should consider when hiring IT managed services.

Experience in Your Industry

While IT needs can be similar for businesses in different industries, certain types of businesses are subject to strict IT and data security regulations. Additionally, your industry may have unique requirements regarding data storage, customer access to that data, connectivity for remote workers, and more. If you feel that your industry has specific IT requirements that require specialized skills, make sure that you ask about the IT provider’s experience in your industry. How many other businesses in your industry have they worked with? How much do they know about the regulations for your industry and how they connect to your IT? Make sure that they can meet the unique needs of your industry before you consider hiring them. Those who work in healthcare or finance should take extra care to find an IT professional who understands the regulatory needs of the industry.

Options for Scalability

A business’s IT needs can change quite quickly, especially if you’re a small business that’s still growing rapidly. It’s important to ensure that your IT managed service provider can adapt to those changing needs, and won’t lock you into a certain level of service. While there will likely be some form of contract with any MSP that you consider, you should make sure that the contract allows you to adjust your service level based on your changing needs. If an MSP isn’t willing to grow with you, they’re not the company you want to work with.

Business Continuity and Data Backups

In the modern business world, your company’s data is one of your most valuable assets. This can include everything from trade secrets and product designs to your customers’ personal information and payment details. Losing this data to cybercriminals or damaged equipment can be catastrophic for a small business. Any MSP you use must strongly emphasize business continuity and regular data backups. Be sure to question them thoroughly on their backup procedures, including how often they back up your data, the types of data backups they use, and where the backed up data is stored. If anything happens to your onsite data, you should be able to easily restore it.

Ability to Meet Your Needs

Ensuring that the MSP’s skillset and services align with your specific needs is essential to finding the right provider for your business. Of course, your business’s individual IT needs can differ from the needs of other businesses, including ones that are in your industry. So, make sure that you take the time to identify your specific IT needs before you start speaking to MSPs. Think about daily, repeated tasks that you would like to have automated, your main concerns about your data security, and any recurring IT issues that you might have. Then, discuss those needs in detail with any MSP you’re considering and ask how they would solve those problems for you.

Availability of Support

One of the most basic services that any MSP should provide is reliable IT support that is available whenever you need it. It shouldn’t matter if your business is open during regular 9-to-5 business hours, or if you do most of your business at night and on weekends; if anything should go wrong with your IT systems, your MSP should be available to help you whenever you need it. Make sure you understand when IT support is available from the MSP you’re considering—and if it’s not 24/7, you might want to consider working with another company.

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