A managed services provider like the Millennium Technology Group can fully manage all aspects of your company’s data and infrastructure, ensuring that your technology is helping your company to grow and thrive. When a company provides managed IT services, many people don’t fully understand the range of services that that term can include. So, what areas do IT managed services in Orlando cover? Keep reading to find out more.

Networks and Infrastructure

One of the key areas that MSPs work with is your business’s networks and overall infrastructure. We take on the entirety of network management, including setting up LANs, WAPs, and other network connections for your business. This aspect of managed IT also includes managing your data backup and storage. Regular and secure data backups can protect your company from costly data losses due to hackers, natural disasters, and simple human error.

Data Security

We consider ourselves to be true experts in network and data security. In addition to handling your data backups (which are also key components of data security), we manage every aspect of your network security. This includes anti-malware options, BDR solutions, performing regular software updates, staying abreast of changes to hackers’ tactics, and performing regular stress tests of your existing security systems to assess them for any weaknesses. Professional network and data security are invaluable assets for modern businesses, and an MSP provides the peace of mind you need to feel confident that your company is protected.

Physical Security

Of course, your data isn’t necessarily the only asset that needs protection. Most businesses utilize some form of security system, including security cameras and entry keypads. Millennium Technology Group also provides essential assistance for installing and managing these security systems. As an MSP that specializes in security, we help ensure that all aspects of your company’s security are covered, from your digital assets to your physical ones.

Support Services

In addition to our proactive IT services that help prevent technology breakdowns, MSPs also offer IT support services. This can include both remote and in-person help for any technical issues you might be experiencing in your office. We can troubleshoot and solve simple issues via remote access to your computers. We’ll send an IT expert to your location if the issue requires a more hands-on approach.

Communication Services

Most forms of business communication now occur via the internet and are, therefore, a key component of your technology and infrastructure. An MSP can help with services related to messaging software, voice-over internet protocol (VoIP), video conferencing, communication data, and more. We help make sure that your communication channels are up and running when you need them so that you can make those vital connections with your clients.

Remote Worker Setup

Today, more employees are working from home than ever before. This shift has required many businesses to adapt their technology and find ways to allow for remote work while maintaining open channels of communication between team members and continuing to protect valuable company data. An MSP can simplify remote worker setup while also ensuring that all technology and connections remain protected, so your employees can work efficiently and securely no matter where they may be working from.

Business Continuity

Business continuity refers to your company’s ability to restore operations in the wake of a disaster. A disaster can include anything from a cyberattack that erases your company data to a hurricane that destroys your office location and equipment. Because technology is central to most businesses’ daily operations, ensuring the continuity of your technology can help you get a business continuity plan on track and may even save your business from having to close its doors forever. While an MSP doesn’t solve every problem related to business continuity (you’ll also need to work with your team to develop a plan of action in case of these events), we can help you solve technology-related problems. This includes data backups and data restoration, setting up remote work locations, and ultimately getting the technology up and running again as quickly as possible.

IT Managed Services Orlando

Complete Management of Your IT Systems

The bottom line is that a managed service provider is a turnkey solution to your business’s IT needs. Companies like ours can handle every aspect of your company’s IT or provide simple helpdesk solutions to supplement your in-house IT team. Millennium Technology Group offers various levels of service and can manage any and all aspects of your company’s IT system.

Contact the Millennium Technology Group today to learn more about our managed IT service providers in Orlando and receive a quote on the IT service level your company needs.