Data is now considered to be one of the most valuable assets your company has. Your business relies on this data on a daily basis for operations. Data like your business operation procedures, service processes, and product details make you competitive in your industry. Your customers count on you to protect the payment information and personal details they provide to you. All of this is a part of the data housed on your business servers, and backing up that data is essential to your business. Keep reading to learn why data backups should be a part of your IT-managed services in Orlando.

Avoid Losing Data

By far, the most important reason to perform regular data backups is to avoid losing that valuable data. Data can be lost to a number of factors, including the following:

  • Damaged devices – Device damage and failure can cause all data housed in that device to be erased. Whether it’s a single computer in your office or your primary server, damage can occur from normal equipment failure, fire, flood, other natural disasters, and even malicious intent. Sometimes, data can be recovered from a damaged device, but other times, it’s lost permanently—unless you have that data backed up somewhere else. A data backup at a secondary location makes it easy to recover the data, regardless of the damage.
  • Human error – Everybody makes mistakes; after all, we’re only human. Sometimes, a person can accidentally delete a file, save the wrong version of a document, or otherwise erase important information by mistake. If this is caught quickly, you might be able to restore the proper file. However, more often than not, the mistake is not noticed immediately, and recovering the data is not possible unless it’s been backed up externally.
  • Cybercriminals – Some individuals aim to make a profit off of your company’s valuable data by stealing, encrypting, or corrupting it. Hackers use a variety of tactics for this, but they all involve your company losing access to the data you rely on. Oftentimes, these hackers can be thwarted when you have access to a recent backup of your files.

While data backup alone isn’t a foolproof way to protect your data, it is one of the most crucial steps you can take to protect against all of these forms of data loss.

Control Costs

There are many ways to backup your data, but the most cost-effective method is with managed backup services. On-site data storage can become extremely expensive, and it still leaves you susceptible to data loss due to natural disasters. Cloud storage solutions, however, are more affordable since they don’t require additional hardware as you expand your storage bandwidth and allow you to avoid data loss due to localized disaster since it’s backed up to a different location. Managed backup services using cloud storage help you control costs while providing more effective backup solutions.

Minimize Downtime

Many factors can cause downtime in your office, including issues accessing your data. Here are two key examples:

  1. A ransomware attack targets your office. The criminals have encrypted all your data and won’t release it until you pay a hefty ransom. Your company’s productivity has come to a complete halt since your employees can’t access the data they need to work. If you have a data backup, you can quickly restore that data and get employees working again quickly without paying a ransom for what’s rightfully yours.
  2. A natural disaster hits your area. Office systems are severely damaged, and workers all need to work remotely. With a data backup on a remote server, you can restore the basic functionality of your operations and meet client needs while your office is restored. Without it, your company would be forced to keep its doors closed until everything is properly restored.

Oftentimes, getting your company back to work quickly in these situations can make the difference between getting back to normal operations and having to close your business permanently.

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Achieve Peace of Mind

Finally, with managed backup services, you can rest easy knowing that your data is constantly being saved to a secure location. You will never have to worry about losing corporate data to a natural disaster, cyberattack, or accidental deletion. And, should you ever find yourself in one of these situations, you’ll be able to remain cool, calm, and collected, knowing that your data can be restored and your business can get back on its feet quickly.

If you’re not currently backing up your data, contact Millennium Technology Group. As one of the top managed service providers in Orlando, we can provide you with the data backup services and other data security services you need to give you peace of mind and keep your business on the right track. Call now to learn more about improving your company’s data security.