Being a small-business owner in the corporate world isn’t easy. It can feel like a constant uphill climb, and you’re likely always searching for ways to save money to stay in the black. With so many challenges facing small businesses, IT can feel like a low priority. However, it’s essential that small-business owners get the IT support that they need in order to help their businesses thrive. What makes it so crucial for you to find IT managed service provider in Orlando, FL? Keep reading to find out.

You’re on a Strict Budget

As we stated above, small-business owners often have to find ways to trim their budgets repeatedly to make a profit. With this in mind, contracting with a managed service provider (or MSP) can feel like an added expense. However, when compared to employing your own IT personnel, this is often the more economical choice. MSPs allow you to get the exact services you need, rather than employing in-house personnel who may or may not have work to perform throughout the day; with an MSP, you never have to worry about wasting funds just to have a body in a chair.

Additionally, your IT expenses become much more predictable, with set monthly costs rather than constant variables. This can make it much easier to manage your cash flow and stick to that strict budget throughout the year.

You Can Get Broader Expertise

Because you’re on a tight budget, you probably can’t afford to hire an extensive IT department. For most small businesses, just 1 to 3 individuals are usually more than enough to provide the IT support your company needs. However, when you have a small IT department, you have a very narrow range of expertise and knowledge at your disposal. No IT professional can be an expert on everything, no matter how long they’ve been in the industry. There will be gaps in their knowledge, which could be detrimental to your business.

With an MSP, you get access to an entire company full of IT experts, allowing you to utilize the full spectrum of their expertise to improve your business. Whether you’re having printer troubles, network connectivity issues, or concerns about cybersecurity, your MSP will have someone available who is an expert in that field so that you can get all your questions answered.

You’ll Improve Your Cybersecurity

Speaking of cybersecurity, it’s incredibly important for small businesses to protect their data. While you might think of your business as “small potatoes” to cyber criminals, small businesses are much more likely to be targeted for these crimes. Think of it this way: Is a robber more likely to hold up a bank or a convenience store? These locations are easier to target because they have far less security, so they’re more likely to be hit, despite having a much smaller payout than a bank would offer. Obviously, convenience store robberies happen much more often.

The same can be said of small businesses and major corporations. Cyber criminals know that huge corporations have a big budget for their data security, and their security protocols will be extremely difficult to get through. Small businesses, on the other hand, tend to have much less security around their data, making it easier to steal. It’s important to invest in your company’s data security as much as you can on your budget, and an MSP is usually the best way to do that. You can get top-notch data security on a limited budget so that you don’t fall victim to a hacker.

Small Business Cyber Security Experts

You Need to Keep Up with the Competition

Regardless of what industry you’re in, technology drives businesses today. Falling behind on the latest technological developments in your industry means falling behind the competition, and your customers just might leave your business for a company that has more convenient, accessible, technology-driven solutions for their needs.

MSPs do more than provide helpdesk-type services for businesses. They become a partner in their business’s IT development and growth, and can advise your company on new technologies that are being released, and which of those new technologies would be most beneficial to your business’s future. They’ll help you keep up with the competition so you don’t fall behind and become obsolete in your industry.

If you need an MSP for a small business in Orlando, FL, contact Millennium Technology Group today. We can provide tailored IT solutions that fit your business’s needs, and scale with you as your business grows. Call now for a consultation with one of our experienced IT professionals.