Being an IT professional is one of the most rewarding jobs available. You get to work with technology and help people with their businesses. You’re also in high demand since everyone needs IT help. So, even if you have a job, you might be thinking about branching out and bringing a little more income. Here are five ideas for you to expand your IT offerings in Orlando and Central Florida.

Blog Consultant Services

There are several areas that you can be a successful consultant in. Almost everyone has a blog or is looking to start a blog. Blogs help businesses get more exposure for their products and services, and individuals can build a following for their blogs while creating additional income. Both sets of people may need help setting up the blog and creating content in the beginning. As a consultant, you can bring your IT and writing skills to bear to help blog writers get off the ground or build a larger following.

Computer Hardware

If your IT expertise leans toward hardware, you can offer services including computer building, repairing, and maintenance. These types of services require greater technical expertise and less writing knowledge than blog consulting. They may also offer greater rewards because each finished job is truly done; there’s no ongoing problems. Even better, when you deal with hardware, you can offer products as part of an upsell, which will increase your profits while improving your ability to serve your customers.

Teach Computer Classes

If you’re a people person, putting your IT knowledge to work in computer classes can help your clients get more from their technology investment. Standing in the front of a room with several people watching and listening to you isn’t for everyone. However, teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs available. There are few things that can compete with the feeling you get when a student finally gets a key concept.

Entering Data

If you need a flexible job you can do from anywhere, data entry might be a good way to improve your business offerings. Many data entry jobs can be done at any time of the day or night. If you can type quickly and are detail-oriented, data entry might be right for you.

Man on Laptop

Provide IT Support

There are a lot of small businesses that need IT help but can’t afford to hire an IT professional full-time. You can provide your services on a case by case basis and charge per visit. Better yet, offer a number of service calls per month in a service contract. This allows the business to contact you when it needs help and provides you with a steady income regardless of how many times the business needs you.

A Traditional Job

Of course, your best bet may be to join a team offering the best technology services in Orlando, FL. Steady work provides a regular paycheck and benefits that are hard to come by. Often, you can work at a regular IT day job and still run a small business on the side. Contact Millennium Technology Group to learn more!