About Millennium Technology Group
Technology is a central component of our everyday lives—and it should be a central part of your business as well. Not only does technology shape the way you interact with your customers, but it’s key to protecting customer information and business data. Millennium Technology Group can help your business stay up to speed on recent changes in business technology while helping you protect yourself from the latest hacking techniques and scams. We provide proactive business IT solutions that can help you improve data security, increase efficiency, and provide a better customer experience.


Managed Services
With our managed IT services, you get the exact level of support and service you need.
Security Cameras
Protect your business, your employees, and your customers with quality security cameras.
Server Hosting
Our secure, remote server can be used to back up, protect, and restore your business data.
Network Security
With proactive security measures, we help you protect your network from costly data breaches.
Workstation Management
Reduce downtime and improve productivity with effective workstation management.