Most every company today manages their information, like financial data and employee records, on a computer, laptop, or various other smart devices. Unfortunately, experienced hackers use highly sophisticated scams online to steal this information without you realizing what has happened until after the damage has been done. Fortunately, there are IT solutions in Central Florida, that will help you and your business avoid being a casualty of these internet scams.

Common Internet Scams

There are five common internet scams used to steal your sensitive data and files. The most common is hacking, or breaching. This happens when a hacker gains access to files stored on the drive, network, or cloud service on your computer or smart device. Another common way hackers gain entry is through malware. Malware consists of malicious software infecting your software with viruses, Trojans, spyware, ransomware, adware, botnets, and so on. Malware causes severe (or even irreparable) damage to the software (and sometimes the hardware) on your computer or smart device.

Phishing involves the creation of fake emails, text messages, or websites to produce results easily and quickly. The fake emails, texts, and websites look like they were sent by legitimate companies or sources, or someone you communicate with often. You are then tricked into giving personal information by updating, validating, or confirming details for specific accounts your use regularly. Once the information is confirmed, the scammers provide the information to cybercriminals who access your accounts and steal all the information they can get. 

Spam is one of the most prevalent ways cybercriminals steal information. Spam refers to any unsecured messages and advertisements sent to addresses (usually in the form of an email) that hackers can find easily online via social network sites, company web pages, and personal blogs. Your inbox can be flooded with spam, which then cause issues for communication service providers and businesses. Wi-Fi eavesdropping is a newer scamming method, and is just as dangerous as the rest. Public networks that don’t use any encryption are targeted the most, since they are easiest for cybercriminals to connect to your device and steal vital information.

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Ways IT Services Protect You

The best way to protect you and your Central Florida business from internet scams is by using the top IT solutions. And one of the best IT solutions is managed IT services, which helps keep your company’s servers and desktops secure with the latest software updates, patches, and upgrades. All upgrades thereafter will automatically cover all your devices. Automatic upgrades significantly reduce internet scams from targeting vulnerabilities between releases and applications.

Managed IT services in Central Florida cities like Orlando and Tampa provide direct security measures to your business. These measures include the latest firmware and software for your firewall to lessen vulnerabilities. You will also receive anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-spam solutions to protect your network from being compromised.

Lastly, your data will be backed up regularly, along with reports and tests of the backups to ensure the information can be recovered. Managed backups comply with all laws requiring data backup and retention. Plus, your backup files will be kept safe with high quality monitoring, so all saved information won’t be lost in a workplace mishap or during a possible crisis.

If you are interested in finding out more about how managed IT services can protect your data from internet scams, contact Millennium Technology Group today.