When you’re building your business, you’re probably focused on your products and services, marketing, and professional networking—not technical networks within your business. But even small businesses have some technical infrastructure, and maintaining that infrastructure properly can be complicated. Business IT solutions in Orlando are no longer just for large corporations. Small and mid-sized businesses can see enormous benefits from hiring professional IT support. Keep reading to find out what some of those benefits are.

Instant Security Upgrade

Managed service providers are experts at securing business networks. If you’re currently relying on the free trial of that anti-virus software to keep your company’s data safe, you’re a sitting duck for cyber thieves and hackers. Our IT specialists can implement the software and strategies needed to protect your business from viruses, malware, ransomware, and data theft. All of these are a serious threat to any business, no matter your size, and it’s the primary reason most small to mid-sized businesses hire an MSP like us in the first place.

Increased Uptime

When something goes wrong with your computer’s technology, how long are you down? And how much money do you lose? Even having a single computer breakdown can equate to a significant productivity loss for your company in a small or mid-sized business. As frantically as you may work to get things back up and running quickly, odds are you can’t do it as soon as a pro.

We provide responsive IT support to help you get up and running quickly. More importantly, we do more than respond to issues—we help prevent them. Our proactive approach makes it less likely that your systems will break down in the first place, as we actively work to keep everything updated and properly synced.

Data Backup Support

Where are all of your company’s data stored? Is it in a single location that can be accessed by every employee in the office? Is it stored in a remote server that can be accessed by workers working from home? MSPs help to back up your data to a secure, remote location so that all of your employees can access them, no matter where they may be.

But beyond improving collaboration and data accessibility for your workers, it also helps to protect your business against data loss. If an on-site server breaks down, you run the risk of losing the data on that server if it’s not backed up elsewhere. Professional, automatic data backup protects against this.

IT Support Orlando

Focus on What Matters

Whether you have IT support already in your office or not, someone is spending time troubleshooting your computer issues, setting up new hardware and software, and performing other tech-based work at your company. Perhaps you’re the one handling this right now; wouldn’t you instead be focusing on more important tasks, like developing ways to improve and grow your business? And if you do have IT staff, in your office, could they instead be focused on bigger projects that will improve the company, rather than answering IT service requests? When you hire an MSP, you and your workers can focus more on what matters.

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