You might not think of data as something that needs to be “managed.” After, it’s just data, right? Its only purpose is to exist. But that’s where you’re wrong. Data is a valuable resource and commodity for your business. Managing it properly can make the difference between success and failure for companies in today’s data- and technology-driven world. But what exactly is data management, and how can a managed service provider in Orlando help with it? Keep reading to find out.

What Is Data Management?

Professional data management refers to the organization and centralization of your company’s valuable data. The exact services provided under this umbrella term will vary depending on your specific needs, but they often include things like cloud services, which allow all data to be stored in and accessed from one place; data backup, which makes disaster recovery easier; and data warehousing, which can fuel business analytics and reporting.

Data management treats your data less like something that simply “exists” and more of a living asset, which must be properly store, protected, and organized to be valuable to your business.

Why Does It Matter?

There are countless reasons that businesses should utilize professional data management. But here are just a few of the key benefits of it:

  • Better collaboration – When data is housed on individual computers, or even if it’s in a shared location but improperly organized, it becomes difficult for teams to collaborate. Work is often duplicated, information is not shared, and things fall through the cracks. Good data management makes for easier collaboration and higher efficiency.
  • Disaster recovery – If data is on in-house computers and hard drives, what happens if some kind of disaster strikes your office, such as a flood, fire, or theft of hardware? All of that data can be lost forever. Data management includes data backup, which makes it possible for you to recover any data lost to a disaster. This can literally make the difference between getting back on your feet and having your business go under.
  • Data warehousing – As mentioned, data warehousing can power business intelligence and analytics platforms. These platforms are becoming increasingly important in the business world, providing decision-makers with the information they need to pivot and drive their companies forward in a shifting market. If you want to be able to move your business in the right direction, you need the right data at the right time, and proper data management makes that easier.

MSP Central Florida

It’s important that you recognize how valuable the data you handle is to your business and start treating it as the living, changing asset that it really is. Data is constantly shifting and expanding in any growing business, and it needs to be managed properly. Contact us at Millennium Technology Group to learn more about our services as an MSP for small businesses in Central Florida.