Phishing scams are on the rise, affecting small businesses around the world. These fraudulent attempts to expose sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords, and bank accounts can cause serious harm to your company, especially if any client information is leaked. Fortunately, IT services can help prevent these scams from affecting your business. Here are a few ways IT support can help your business avoid phishing attacks.

Always Up-to-Date on Current Phishing Scams

Unfortunately, phishing scams are being created and developed every day. Due to this, it’s crucial you have a team that’s dedicated to staying up-to-date on phishing trends to prevent your business from falling victim to them. IT administrators go through specific security awareness to identify phishing scams, which can be an asset to your company. So, if you don’t have the time to learn the ins and outs of phishing scams, IT support might be the perfect investment.

Always Check Site Security

IT support always checks site security to ensure you aren’t accidentally handing over sensitive information. However, this is also something you can do on your own, just avoid any sites other than ones that start with “https” with a closed lock icon in the address bar. However, qualified IT support services will be able to keep your site secured and help you accidentally enter an unsecured site, which can pass over personal company data without you even knowing.

Check Your Online Accounts Routinely

If you aren’t actively checking our online websites, a hacker might be taking advantage of your data, which is the last thing you’ll want as a business owner. Fortunately, IT services check online accounts daily, so you don’t need to check on it yourself. IT administrators will also let you know when it’s time to change your passwords to prevent phishing scammers from attempting to log into your site. Additionally, you should make sure to get monthly statements for all your company’s bank accounts to check if any fraudulent transactions have been made. Remember, it’s essential to do this on the regular, rather than once or twice a year.

Keep Your Browser Up to Date

One of the best things about using Chrome is that they release security patches more regularly than other browsers. However, no matter what browser your company uses, you should make sure you’re using the most up-to-date browsers. Fortunately, IT support services will update your browsers as soon as an update is released and keep you in the loop whenever your company’s browsers have been updated.

Implementation of Firewalls

Firewalls are a form of online security that acts as a barrier between your information and online intruders. Your IT support can install top-of-the-line firewall software to prevent your company’s data from ending up in the wrong hands. However, once installed, you should still be on alert of phishing scammers trying to get your information; no one single software is foolproof.


Pop-Up Avoidance

Everyone knows how annoying pop-up windows can be. Often, these are simple advertisements, but in some cases, they’re phishing attempts. Tampa, FL, IT service providers can help you navigate through these annoying pop-up windows, instructing you to remove the window by clicking on the “x,” since any other button can steal your data and allow hackers access to your information. To learn more about how to avoid scam pop-up windows, speak to an IT administrator today.

Use of Antivirus Software

As a business, it’s essential that you’re using the best antivirus software available on your PC’s and smartphones. If you aren’t already using this software, an IT company can help you choose the best to use and install the new software on all your company’s devices. This way, you can effectively prevent any phishing attacks from affecting your day-to-day business operations. Just make sure you or your IT company update the software every year; new phishing methods are being created every day.

If you’re trying to keep your business protected online, the best thing you can do is hire IT support in Central Florida. IT administrators are well worth the investment and can keep your business locked up tight to prevent potential phishers from obtaining sensitive data, such as clientele information. To learn more about IT support, reach out to Millennium Technology Group today!