The IT industry as a whole has seen drastic changes over the last several decades, moving from troubleshooting fax machines to set up computers to managing entire cloud-based networks and cybersecurity systems. As companies’ IT needs to be changed, the industry changed with it, leading to the creation of IT managed service providers in Orlando, FL, like Millennium Technology Group. But those changes still haven’t stopped, and businesses’ demand for managed service providers (MSPs) continues to grow. Here’s how our industry is growing and changing to meet that demand.

Cloud-Based Management

Not too long ago, business data was largely held and managed on-site. This meant maintaining enormous servers—sometimes an entire room’s worth of servers—to house your company’s data. Naturally, this usually meant you needed a tech on-site to deal with server issues. Now, however, businesses have primarily moved to cloud-based data management. So, MSPs have shifted focus to the cloud, helping companies use it securely and efficiently.

In many ways, this has been a boon to the industry, allowing MSPs to offer more remote services rather than always having to send out a tech to deal with on-site server troubles. This means catering to more clients while charging clients less—so it’s a boon to your business.


Cyberattacks have become increasingly sophisticated over the years; unfortunately, they’ve also become costlier for businesses. In 2017, ransomware known as WannaCry infected hundreds of thousands of computers and caused billions of dollars in damages. These kinds of attacks aren’t just aimed at high-profile businesses either. Small to medium-sized businesses (collectively known as SMBs) are often targeted because they’re less likely to have high-level cybersecurity. Think of it as choosing to rob a convenience store instead of a bank: Though the convenience store won’t produce as much of a payout, a thief would be much more likely to succeed in their robbery attempt.

These cybersecurity concerns have grown over the years and increased the demand for MSPs that offer the right cybersecurity solutions. This demand also coincides with cloud migration; moving data online can make you more vulnerable to online hacks, so you need to rethink your cybersecurity measures. It all adds to a greater need for the right managed IT services.

Managed Networks

Whereas fast and efficient technology was once seen as a competitive edge, it’s now considered necessary for any company’s survival in the modern world. Businesses need their networks to be fast, secure, and reliable. If your business’s network goes down, it can bring the entire company to a grinding halt and lead to a huge loss of revenue. As connectivity becomes more and more central to operating a modern business, SMBs are focusing more of their budget on managed networks and infrastructure protection. This helps keep your network online, so your company can earn income.

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Remote Workers

The shift to telecommuting was gradual for several years, with a handful of businesses implementing regular “work from home” days for employees. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck in 2020, the marketplace experienced a sudden and abrupt shift, with many employees moving to remote working situations. For many, this became the new normal, as businesses and employees alike began to see the benefits of telecommuting.

This has caused an increase in demand for security solutions to remote work that allow employees to connect with and access company files without endangering data security—another source of significant growth for the MSP market.

As the industry continues to grow and change, Millennium Technology Group remains committed to providing affordable IT solutions for companies of all sizes. If you’re looking for an MSP for a business in Orlando, FL, contact us for a consultation.