Cybercriminals are constantly evolving and finding new ways to steal data. You must take a proactive approach to network security so that you can evolve just as quickly and protect yourself from these new threats. Last month, a new security threat emerged for popular browsers Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome users. It’s called RedLine, and this new strain of malware can be bad news indeed. Please keep reading to learn more about this threat and how IT services in Orlando, FL, can help.

What Is RedLine?

RedLine is a code that can crack open your browser’s password manager and steal all the data stored inside. If your browser has ever asked you if you’d like to save a password for a website, then you know what we’re talking about. The people behind the code have found a way to break into that password vault, making every password you’ve ever saved vulnerable. Worse still, because many people use duplicate passwords, this can often give cybercriminals access to even more websites than just those you’ve stored on your browser.

Who’s Using It?

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of RedLine is that it’s not a single individual or group of hackers that are using it. Instead, it’s being sold on the Dark Web. This means that anybody with about $200 can buy the code they need to harvest your passwords. This makes it even more challenging to shut down than if a single group used it. If a hacker or organization kept the code to themselves, shutting down that one person or group would end the threat. Now, however, the code has likely been purchased hundreds of times, and stopping those cybercriminals from using it is practically impossible. The best way to combat it is to fight back against the coding itself.

What Does RedLine Do?

As we already mentioned, RedLine is a password-stealing code. Precisely, RedLine can extract the passwords in your browser’s password vault. Even though the passwords are encrypted when they’re stored, RedLine can decrypt them after extraction. This is because the code runs as the infected user, so your browser believes you’re the one accessing your password information, and your passwords are open to the person controlling the malware.

What Can You Do About It?

There are several ways that you can protect your website passwords from theft. The first is not to store your passwords in your browser. Instead, you can opt for a separate password manager like LastPass, which is not impacted by this malware or remember your passwords. Additionally, you should enable 2-factor authentication on all websites that offer it as a security option. This way, even if a cybercriminal does manage to get ahold of your passwords, they still can’t easily access the websites.

Of course, the malware only steals your data if it manages to infect your equipment in the first place. It’s still essential to be aware of what scam emails look like and avoid clicking on suspicious links or attachments. One-click could end up costing you dearly.

With RedLine just beginning to be distributed on the Dark Web, we’ll likely see a surge of these attacks in the months ahead. It’s essential to take these preventative steps now so that you’re more likely to avoid devastating data loss as a result of a RedLine malware attack.

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How We Can Help

In addition to following the recommendations above, using a managed service provider and IT security expert can also make a big difference in protecting you from RedLine. We can offer business owners assistance with implementing new password management protocols and patching your security network so that you’re less likely to fall victim to a RedLine attack. We strive to stay abreast of developments like these and help our clients put measures in place to protect them from new threats.

While having passwords stolen is devastating enough on a personal level, on a business level, it can be catastrophic. Your employees likely have access to sensitive client data and business information that hackers will be able to access if even a single workstation becomes infected with RedLine. Loss of data can often cripple a company, and more than one business has been closed due to these kinds of attacks. Don’t let your company be one of them.

Contact Millennium Technology Group to learn more about how our IT experts and managed service provider in Orlando can help improve your business’s data security. We can help you implement essential security measures and educate your employees on best cybersecurity practices to help reduce the odds of your company falling victim to RedLine and other types of cyberattacks.