For health care businesses, protecting data is a full-time responsibility. Not only could the health of patients be riding upon maintenance of critical data, but failure to secure personal health information can result in issues with patient confidentiality and the ensuing regulatory ramifications of a HIPPA violation. Aside from caring for patients, protecting data from digital threats, such as ransomware attacks, is one of the most important responsibilities a health care business must manage.

Ransomware is a form of digital hacking in which a cryptovirus is introduced into a computer system or files belonging to a business or organization. Once it infiltrates the system, it can either lock down critical data and bar users from accessing it, or it can threaten to expose confidential information unless a ransom is paid. Fortunately, health care businesses have an ally in the fight against hacking and ransomware scams in the form of managed IT services. Professional managed technology services in Central Florida, can help businesses avoid ransomware threats through constant vigilance and improved training awareness among employees. Keep reading to learn more about how a managed IT service can help you avoid costly ransomware attacks on your health care business.

Improved Readiness

With the proliferation of viruses and malware, such as ransomware, cybersecurity developers have their hands full in keeping security protocols current and up to date. It’s hard for professionals in the IT field to keep up with every threat, which means that maintaining an updated security presence would be nearly impossible for a small business without the help of a managed IT firm. An IT management company will make sure that your system is up to date and protected from the current ransomware threats that could hold your business hostage. This involves constantly monitoring existing software to check for updates and patches. Those updates are a critical link in the chain of security for your digital presence as they are developed in response to existing threats that evolve almost daily. Prevention is one of the best weapons you have in fighting ransomware attacks, and the best way to make sure your business stays adequately prepared is by hiring an IT solutions firm to keep your protection current.

Improved Backup and Storage

Since many ransomware schemes are designed to block the access of legitimate users to business-critical information, another important step in protecting against ransomware attacks is routine backups of all important data. Even if your business has taken steps to prevent ransomware attacks, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be immune to all malware. New threats emerge daily, and most security measures are reactive rather than proactive. Therefore, a threat could slip past even the most robust security measures, and your business should have a way to recover quickly with minimal interruption. By performing regular, thorough data backup, you can insulate yourself from the potency of a ransomware threat by retaining access to your information. Again, this is a huge job that can overwhelm the average business owner. However, a managed IT service can make sure that all critical data is backed up routinely without that critical task becoming a burden on your in-house staff.

Data backup

Improved Awareness Among Employees

Managed IT services can also help you develop protocols that can be shared with employees to help them recognize potential ransomware threats and avoid them. Many ransomware attacks are made possible when employees fail to recognize them and click on a link, for example. Therefore, educating employees about the risks of malware and helping them recognize it is the critical third component in ransomware mitigation. Because of the constantly evolving threat of new types of malware, it’s important that security training is conducted often to keep employees abreast of new schemes and tactics. Your managed IT service can help you educate your staff by conducting regular security training to keep employees current on the latest threats to cybersecurity.

If you operate a health care business, there’s a constant threat of ransomware that could disrupt your operation and result in costly digital issues. By managing a managed IT firm to help you maintain a proactive security stance, back up important data, and properly train employees, you can insulate yourself from the ill effects of ransomware attacks. To learn more about the ways that your managed IT service can help you mitigate the risk posed to your health care business by ransomware attacks in Orlando and Central Florida, please contact Millennium Technology Group at (407) 996-2399.