Healthcare providers rely on many different types of technology to give their patients excellent care. From medical equipment like ultrasound and X-ray machines to the computers that record and store patient information, technology is at the heart of any healthcare provider’s business. The computers and related systems often fall by the wayside in terms of proper maintenance and service. These pieces of technology are just as crucial to your office as any piece of medical equipment. Here’s how healthcare managed service providers in Orlando, FL, can help your office and its technology systems.

Supplementing Your Team

If your office already has an in-house IT support team, you might think that a managed service provider (MSP) would replace these team members. But that doesn’t have to be the case. MSPs offer a mix of services that allow you to supplement an existing team while still getting help from qualified healthcare IT professionals. An MSP can help you keep mission-critical systems and applications functioning at peak performance while allowing in-house staff to focus on other issues.

Healthcare organizations are under constant pressure to maintain IT systems like automated appointment reminders and online patient portals, all while being on a tight budget. Turning to an MSP to supplement your team or as your sole source for IT support services allows you to keep up with those demands without exceeding your budget.

Security and Compliance

There are few industries out there with compliance requirements as strict as those in the healthcare industry. As a healthcare provider, you handle delicate patient information, and your patients trust that their medical history and identifying data will be safe in your office’s servers. But cybercriminals are constantly evolving, finding new ways to breach security measures and steal information. Offices like yours must employ the strictest security standard to protect your patients and remain HIPAA compliant.

MSPs can provide constant security monitoring, offer support and troubleshooting for your networks and servers, and assist with data backup and disaster recovery plans. They also are constantly staying abreast of the latest scams and hacking trends, as well as performing regular tests on your security network to find and patch any weaknesses.

For healthcare providers, security is not something that can be left to chance. Leave it to an MSP instead, and rest a little easier knowing that your patient’s data is protected.

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Implementing New Technology

Technology in every field is constantly evolving. While you likely make an effort to stay up to date on new developments in medical technology, you’re probably less aware of updates to computer software and systems technology. However, keeping your office abreast of these changes can keep you competitive in your field. MSPs can inform you of updates to technology relevant to your business, assist with implementation, and even help train your employees in how to use the new software.

If you’re a healthcare provider looking for managed IT services for healthcare in Orlando, FL, contact the Millennium Technology Group today. Our experienced healthcare IT providers can help your office to provide even better care for your patients.