Every company has IT needs. Computers and the Internet are so ingrained in every business that without proper IT maintenance, your company could lose data, clients, and important information. Communication will be slower, and growing your customer base will be more difficult. Unfortunately, not every company can afford to hire their own IT department. That’s when outsourcing your IT can be a great resource to take advantage of.

Get Better IT Professionals

Unless your company is one of the heavy hitters in the IT business, you probably aren’t going to be able to afford the best IT people in the country. Instead, you’ll have to settle for whomever is available in your price range. That can be a dicey situation, especially if you can only afford one person. Even if you can afford a couple of people, they won’t be the best because the competition for IT talent is so high. By outsourcing your IT, you’re effectively pooling your resources with other businesses to hire better IT professionals than you could afford on your payroll budget.

Better Protection

The common perception of a hacker as a lone person sitting in a basement is no longer applicable. Now, teams of hackers work together to grab your company’s sensitive information and either expose it or sell it to the highest bidder. To protect against a team, you need to have a team. The larger the team is, the more likely it will be to fend off hackers attacking your system. With data protection and privacy being such a hot topic, you don’t want to be a company that has to admit a leak. Outsourcing your IT will give you a better opportunity to protect your electronic information.

Save Time and Money

Hiring a new employee is expensive. Some studies estimate the cost to hire and train a new person is somewhere between six month’s pay to a year’s salary, depending on the position. It takes time to find that person, so while you’re looking for an IT employee, your people who rely on IT are working on borrowed time. With outsourced IT services, you’re not responsible for hiring new people or training them. Your IT managed service provider is.

IT Person Wearing Headset in an Office Setting

Always On

If you only have one IT person in your company, your employees may not be able to get the assistance they need. A single IT employee may be busy helping someone else, which could cost you money and cause employee downtime when more than one person needs help. If the IT person is out sick or on vacation, there’s no way for your team to get technical support, and IT isn’t really something you can hire a temp to do. If you have employees that work outside the regular IT employee’s hours, they will also be without IT support. With outsourced IT and the right plan, your IT support is always on for everyone. To work with the best IT company in Orlando, FL, contact Millennium Technology Group and find out how we can improve your company’s use of IT.