Cyber threats are always lurking; hackers are always waiting to steal your company’s sensitive data. Every company, large and small, must be proactive in guarding themselves against this type of threat. Otherwise, you may end up losing sensitive data, betraying your customers’ trust, and losing money. So how can you ensure your company is safe while using technology? Keep reading below to learn a few ways to secure your firm in order to lower the chances of a cyberattack.

Know What Data Is Sensitive

Before you can begin to protect your company, you must first determine what is at risk. Sensitive information includes credit card numbers, social security numbers, phone numbers, financial records, medical records, proprietary information, and more. The information that you have to protect will depend on what sort of business you run.

Train Your Staff

The best defenders of your company’s sensitive information should be your staff. Train them to know more about cyber-attacks and protecting company data. This training doesn’t need to be complicated. Teach them how to identify phishing scams, remind them to change their passwords often, and ensure they know your company’s procedures for encrypting sensitive information.

Secure Your Software

There are some simple measures that you can enact to protect the software that you use on a daily from. Make sure there is a web application firewall installed to protect your website. If you run an ecommerce company, you must ensure that your business is PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant. This protects your whole payment network against digital data security breaches. Additionally, make sure that all of your software is updated as soon as there is a new update available. To learn more about guarding your software, contact a company that provides network solutions in Orlando.

Hooded man on laptop with cyberattack on screen

Protect Your Hardware

Data breaches don’t just happen over the web; they can also be caused by stolen physical property, too. Make sure all of your laptops, cell phones, servers, and other electronics are secured at all times. Install security cameras and alarms in your workplace to prevent theft. Make sure your staff knows how to protect their devices and report stolen devices so that you can minimize the damage.

Create an Incident Response Plan

No matter how many security measures you have in place or how well-guarded your company is, there is always the chance of a cyber-attack. As such, it’s vital to know how to respond in case you do have a security breach. Having a detailed and comprehensive incident response plan will help you to get back on your feet quickly if an attack does occur. The plan should spell out the steps that need to be taken, who is responsible for completing the tasks, and how to communicate with company leadership, stakeholders, and customers.

Hire an IT Services Provider

Keeping your company safe from cyber-attack is an around the clock job. For most businesses, the best way to stay protected is to outsource your tech needs to a managed service provider. They can help you to create a proper plan for securing your company’s data, enact the plan, and provide much-needed support throughout the process. To learn more about how we can help keep your company safe, contact us at Millennium Technology Group today!