No matter the industry or the size of the company, tech problems are bound to arise. The key is knowing how to handle them when they do occur. That’s why you have your IT support company, right? A professional who can remedy your issue is just a phone call away. Or so they told you. If, in reality, your IT support provider is unreachable and can’t fix your problems, it may be time to switch to a new provider. Keep reading below to discover the most common warning signs that you should hire a different provider of IT support in Orlando, FL.

Don’t Offer Data Backup

Your data is the lifeblood of your company; without it, you will be unable to do your work or continue operating your business. Unfortunately, without the proper protections in place, your data can become lost or compromised. If this happens, your company could be in serious trouble. It could result in lawsuits from customers as well as government fines too. This is why it is crucial to back up your data regularly. Ideally, your IT support should provide a service to back up your vital data. If they don’t, consider looking for a new provider.

Data Is Unrecoverable Following an Accident

Just like backing up data, your support provider should also be able to easily recover data when needed. If an incident occurs and you lose your data, the support team should be able to retrieve it for you in a matter of minutes. If they can’t, you have a serious issue with your IT support company. Successful managed service providers back up data consistently and have no trouble recovering data if it is lost.

Bad Communication

For any sort of relationship, business or otherwise, good communication is key. When a problem arises, you need to know that your IT support provider will be there for you when you need them. If they take days to respond to an email or you seem always to be playing a game of phone tag, you may want to consider switching providers. Good communication extends beyond emergency support. An excellent IT company also will be able to clearly explain new software and security techniques, answer your questions, and provide guidance when needed.

Bad communication

Too Sales-y

As mentioned, you should feel comfortable asking your IT services company for advice and guidance when needed. Sometimes, however, strategic assistance ends up sounding more like a sales pitch, and you wind up with all sorts of upgraded software and hardware that you rarely use. In this case, your provider may have taken advantage of your lack of knowledge. Change to a new, trustworthy IT support company to avoid this problem in the future.

Regular Outages, Slow Response Time

Every business may experience internet outages and server crashes every now and then. However, if it seems to happen all the time, your IT support company isn’t doing their job. Additionally, if they take a long time to respond to the issue, your business may lose production and sales. Frequent outages paired with a nonresponsive support provider is a recipe for disaster. Make the switch today.

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