The Importance of Data Backup

  1. Human Error – We all make mistakes. We delete a file we didn’t mean to delete, or click a link in a phishing email that erases our computer hard drives. When human error damages or deletes important data, having a backup can feel like a lifesaver.
  2. Taxes and Audits – Odds are, your business is legally required to keep certain records for a period of time. Whether for tax purposes or due to industry regulations, having the proper documentation can protect your business—and accidentally losing those documents isn’t an excuse. Backing up this critical data can spare you from some nasty consequences.
  3. Disaster Recovery – Humans aren’t the only ones who can erase data. Sometimes Mother Nature strikes, destroying all of your in-office hardware. Cloud-based storage or off-site backups can get you back up and running faster.
  4. Competitive Advantage – If your business can get back to work faster than your competitors, you’ll be the one customers turn to at these times. This can be a major competitive advantage.
  5. Stop Repetitive Work – Few things are more draining on productivity than doing the same work twice. Proper data backup prevents this from happening by ensuring the work is saved the first time around, while also making it more shareable for others in your company.