When your company hires a managed IT service provider, it’s usually because there’s a need to streamline the way that IT functions are handled to increase efficiency and performance. The best providers of IT solutions in Central Florida can make life easier for even the most tech-driven businesses, allowing your in-house staff to focus on your core line of business. The services provided by the best IT company will go far beyond basic support functions to offer you a full range of solutions that can make your operation run more smoothly.

But what’s reasonable to expect when it comes to service from your IT support provider? Some companies may go above and beyond while others offer a limited menu of services. For some businesses, that short list of services may be enough, though others may require more robust support functions. Regardless of the level of support you need, there are a few key features that you should expect any good IT support service to provide. Keep reading to learn what’s reasonable to expect from your IT service provider.


No matter what you ask your IT support service to do, you should be able to expect a rapid response to your needs when they arise. You don’t want lethargic, half-measure solutions when you’re operating in a business environment, as every IT problem has the potential to result in lost revenue and opportunity. Therefore, you should expect your IT service provider to respond quickly, efficiently, and politely to any emergency needs that should arise. After all, you are their customer, so your problems are their problems.

IT Budgeting Advice

For most businesses, IT isn’t the focus, which means your in-house staff may have limited expertise when it comes to the world of IT infrastructure. It takes a team of IT professionals with considerable knowledge and experience in the field to truly know how the demands of your business translate into IT needs. If your business falls behind and fails to properly plan and budget for the proper infrastructure, then you could find yourself outpaced by the competition and in need of a costly and inconvenient overhaul in the future. Find an IT service provider that can help you develop an overall plan for technology in your workplace and assist in the development of a budget that can bring that strategy to fruition.

Network solutions in Central Florida backing up data

Consistent Uptime

Even when you have the proper infrastructure in place, your business can be severely restricted when downtime becomes frequent. If your businesses loses connectivity frequently, that results in lost revenue opportunities and fragmented communication. Not to mention, downtime can impact future sales. It has a direct effect on the ability of your staff to offer customer service, which could lead to customer attrition. You should expect your IT service provider to maintain excellent uptime through proactive management of networks and connections. It’s not unreasonable to expect that your IT service provider can guarantee 99 percent uptime rates, so don’t settle for anything less than that without good reason.

Comprehensive Backup Services

Technology fails. That’s one of the guarantees of the IT world, as even when properly maintained, your hardware can leave you stranded on the side of the information superhighway at a moment’s notice. Therefore, it’s important that your IT service provider offers routine and robust data backup services to insulate your business from the disaster that is lost business data and records. Data backup is one of the key pillars of managed IT service, so it’s reasonable to expect your provider to offer that service.

If you’ve decided to employ an IT service provider to help streamline all things digital for your business, look for providers that offer these few basic services. It’s reasonable to expect data backup, excellent uptime, responsiveness, and strategic planning from your service provider, so don’t settle for anything else. To learn more about things you should expect from your IT service provider, contact Millennium Technology Group at (407) 996-2399.