All companies are bound to face some challenges when addressing their IT needs. Though many of those challenges will be unique to your business, there are some IT challenges that most companies experience. This year, three common challenges are plaguing businesses’ IT efforts. Keep reading to learn what they are and how your business can work to overcome these issues and find the right business IT support in Orlando.

Challenge 1: Competing for Talent

Every modern company has IT needs, creating a huge demand for professionals who can provide the necessary IT skills. Major corporations like Apple and Google are snapping up the top tech minds and locking them in with huge bonuses and salaries. This creates a lot of competition in hiring—something that’s great for those employees who have these desired skills but tough on businesses. So, how’s a small business supposed to keep up?

Enticing top talent to your company can be difficult if you’re on a tight budget. If you’re not an international entity, the odds are that you can’t compete with what those big enterprises have to offer. And, of course, they’re not your only competition. You’ll find plenty of other businesses searching for skilled IT team members in your immediate area.

As companies rely more and more on technology, the need for IT support grows steadily higher. Now, many businesses are feeling the squeeze that this competition for talent has created. Even if you manage to find a good IT guy for your company, it can be a constant struggle to keep them from pursuing the many opportunities out there for someone with their skills. It’s a struggle that business owners around the country are facing right now.

Challenge 2: Skillset Gaps

This challenge is somewhat related to the constant competition for talent. Many businesses hire IT team members who don’t have the skills and experience necessary to perform their daily tasks. Employers can’t find employees with enough expertise, and it can seem impossible to find people to fill the new positions you’re hiring for. Ultimately, this leaves you without the IT staff you need to reach your business goals.

This skillset gap is especially troublesome as businesses become more and more digitized. In the aftermath of the pandemic, much of our daily lives have shifted to remote options and tools, and businesses have to adapt. Creating these kinds of digital features for clients while also enabling employees to work from home more often takes significant time and skill, and even the most talented IT workers can struggle with these digital transformations. This makes the skills gap even larger because it’s just not sustainable for businesses.

Challenge 3: Cybersecurity

The security of your digital data has been a concern for many years now, but it’s become a more prevalent issue over the last couple of years due to that digitization we mentioned above. As more and more of your data moves to cloud storage to enable remote work, the more you have at stake if you’re targeted in a cyberattack. Hackers are also evolving more rapidly than ever, weaponizing new malware at a speed that’s difficult to comprehend. It will be a major challenge for business owners to keep their security networks secure and their data safe this year and move forward.

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Overcoming These Challenges

The best way to overcome these challenges? Stop worrying about hiring your own IT guys, and outsource your IT needs to an IT support services company in Orlando. Working with us gives you access to highly talented IT experts who need the skills to keep your company secure. Contact us today to learn more.