If you’re a small business owner, how you take advantage of the latest technologies can mean the difference between success and failure. Nowhere is this clearer than when it comes to cloud computing. The more cloud services become foundational in how businesses operate, the more important it is that you develop a strategy so that your company isn’t left behind. It’s not just important that you keep up with cloud technology, but that also goes for your small business IT services. Across Central Florida and Orlando, businesses are adapting quickly to the changes and advantages that cloud technology can bring, so it’s important that you come up with a cloud strategy that works best for you.

Cloud-First Does Not Mean Cloud-Only

Whatever your ultimate plans for how your company integrates cloud into its operations, every business needs to start with a cloud-first strategy. Not only must your IT services in Orlando, FL, dedicate themselves to a cloud-first way of thinking, but your entire organization needs to embrace it as well. You should encourage everyone through all departments to think in creative ways about how their work can benefit from cloud technology. This doesn’t mean, however, that they have to shift entirely away from their data centers. Every company is different. You might want to move to a cloud-only strategy, or you may prefer to leave some applications away from cloud. It’s up to you to decide how you can best benefit from this developing technology but not be hamstrung by it.

Managing Cloud Providers

Dealing with a single cloud provider can be challenging, especially if cloud itself is a relatively new phenomenon. However, as you become more familiar with cloud and become more reliant on the technology, you’ll have to adapt to a multicloud method of running your operations. With so much power and advanced capabilities available through multicloud services, it can become difficult to manage consumption across all your cloud providers. Therefore, an emphasis on visibility is necessary or governing multicloud will become impossible and your productivity will suffer.

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Scheduling Adoption Maturity

Don’t imagine that your business will be able to adopt cloud-only or multicloud into your operations all at once. It could take months – or likely years – for the necessary skill sets to be developed across all affected departments. Cloud projects are inordinately complex, and if you and your employees are unfamiliar with their functionality, you’ll need to plan for the years-long effort required for adoption maturity. The key is to focus on several streams of work as they advance through all of the phases required for adoption. Such careful planning will enable you to better prepare your different departments until they’re each fully ready to adopt the new cloud-based operations.

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