"Yay Or Nay" To The Cost Of Outsourcing IT Services


  1. Reduce security risks – An experienced IT company can provide you with better, more comprehensive security for your business’s networks. Additionally, companies that provide IT system support assume some of the risk associated with security and compliance issues, reducing the level of risk your company carries.
  2. Get uninterrupted service – If you hire a full-time IT employee, they’ve probably got a long list of tickets from other workers that need their attention. And if you hire a part-time or temporary employee? Well, your odds of fast service are much lower. Third-party IT companies, however, frequently work 24/7 to provide you with fast, uninterrupted IT service.
  3. Recover from disasters faster – So much of a business’s ability to recover from disasters is based in their technology. Data recovery, equipment setup, and communication networks can help a company get back to work much more quickly. These are more readily available with third-party IT services.
  4. Switch to variable costs – With an in-house employee, you have pretty fixed IT costs, regardless of how much work they actually do each month. But with third-party services, your monthly costs vary based on your actual needs. So, when you have months with fewer IT needs, you have extra money to put elsewhere in your company budget.
  5. Pay less than you think – While the actual cost of IT will vary for every company, the bottom line is that outsourcing IT can cost a lot less than you think when compared to a full-time employee. Even the most basic tech support specialist earns an average of over $46,000 per year. You can get a team of more experienced and knowledgeable professionals for a competitive price when you consider this.