Over the last few years, the home office has become the new standard office space for many working Americans. When remote work became essential in the wake of COVID-19 business closures, many business owners and their employees began to recognize the benefits of telecommuting. Now, even with most businesses fully open again, many employees maintain at least a partial work-from-home schedule. But because the majority of businesses were forced into telecommuting situations on short notice, many of them are not properly equipped to offer easy, remote working options that are safe and secure. Keep reading to learn more about how IT managed service providers in Orlando, FL, can improve the state of telecommuting for your business.

IT Security

Data security should always be a top concern for your business, but you should give it extra consideration if you have employees who are remotely accessing sensitive company data. A managed IT service provider can perform what is known as a penetration test. Think of it as a stress test for your network security. We examine every angle of your existing security as a hacker would, searching for weaknesses that could allow a breach.

We’ll help you train employees on how to securely access sensitive data from home and other standard security practices for your users. We also help test your security’s human aspects, including training your staff on proper security measures. This is especially important for workers who work remotely all or even part of the time.

Data Backup and Cloud Services

When many employees access the same files from many different locations, accidental deletion or altering of documents is much more common. Information may be mistakenly altered or a file deleted; more commonly, duplicate work may occur due to ineffective communication and collaboration with remote workers.

Having the right tools can help prevent these issues so that your in-house and remote team can more effectively collaborate on files and projects. Cloud support services can aid businesses in ensuring remote employees can gain access to critical applications and that recent changes are quickly saved and made available to team members in other locations. Data backup also helps ensure there’s a copy of all files available in case of accidental deletion of information or entire documents. If this occurs, you can recover the lost data quickly and easily.

Assistance with VPNs

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are the best method for remote workers to prevent security gaps when accessing company information. However, because many workers were quickly shifted to remote working situations with the onset of COVID-19, they may not have been properly trained in using VPNs. This can leave your data vulnerable to hacks.

A managed IT company can help you install and configure VPNs, set up proper permissions and authentication, and overall ensure that the data remote workers access is safe and secure. We also provide ongoing support and monitoring services to help maintain the security of these networks.

IT Managed Service Providers Orlando FL

IT Help Desk

When a worker experiences IT issues, who do they reach out to? In the office, they might walk over to the IT department and ask someone to come troubleshoot the problem for them. But what about your remote workers? It can be very difficult for remote employees to get the IT help they need. A managed IT service can provide an IT help desk that any employee can call into from anywhere, making it easier to get remote workers’ troubles fixed quickly to remain productive.

Contact the Millennium Technology Group today if you need remote IT support for small businesses. We can help make remote work more accessible and more secure than ever.