Businesses of all sizes should take network security seriously, but small and mid-sized businesses (sometimes collectively known as SMBs) have very different security needs when compared to large corporations. Because of these different needs, SMB owners often believe that hiring an IT services company serving Orlando, FL, is unnecessary. But this simply isn’t true. A managed services provider (MSP) can meet the unique security needs of SMBs like yours just as readily as a large corporation. Here’s how MSPs address network security for small and mid-sized businesses.

Keeping Software Updated

One of the big problems that small businesses have is staying up to date on their software and technology. Many owners simply don’t have the time to stay on top of those updates themselves, and smaller businesses are less likely to have someone in a dedicated position to addressing these needs. Outdated equipment and security programs are a serious threat to your business’s network security. Not only are they more likely to break down, resulting in accidental data loss, but hackers are constantly finding new ways to breach the security walls of older systems; the more outdated your software, the easier it is for them to access your data.

An MSP can help ensure that all security programs used for accessing business data—whether it’s on a computer, smartphone, or other devices—are updated regularly. These security patches provide your business with important protection against malware, viruses, and simple equipment failure.

Controlling Data Access

How is the data in your business accessed? Who has access to it, and how protected is that data? Again, this is an area that many SMBs don’t address nearly as often as they should. Passwords are often handed out to new employees without much consideration, and those employees are entrusted to protect their own passwords. This makes it easy for those passwords to be cracked or stolen, and for the data in your hands to be lost.

MSPs can help you set up protocols that better control data access, including tiered access and multi-factor authentication. Tiered access limits employees’ access to data to only that information they need to accomplish their jobs. (For example, an account manager would only have access to the accounts they handle, instead of being able to see all client accounts.) Multi-factor authentication greatly improves security, making it harder for thieves to break through your walls and steal information.

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Keeping You Informed

Technology is constantly evolving, and most SMB owners simply don’t have the time to dedicate to staying abreast of those changes. It takes enough time to stay up-to-date on changes in your own industry; staying informed on how software is changing and cybercriminals are evolving likely isn’t something you can do on top of that.

A part of managed IT services for small businesses in Orlando, FL, is keeping you updated on these changes. With this information, you can make important decisions about how to better protect your business. Contact the Millennium Technology Group today to get started.