With the spread of COVID-19, customers are more distant from businesses than ever before. Regardless of whether your business is temporarily closed or if you want to continue to engage customers and retain an interest in your products or services, communicating with your clients is integral. Small businesses, in particular, struggle because they lack the IT equipment and services that larger companies possess. By pairing with a company that provides IT services in Orlando, FL, you can keep in contact with your customers even during challenging times occurring across the nation. With so many people depending on their phones to stay informed, it’s also the perfect opportunity to engage new customers as well.

Email Them

Most companies collect the email addresses of their customer base and never use them. They might send out some coupons or a newsletter, but they don’t make full use of the emails. With an email database, you have a direct line to your customers, and it’s time to put it to use. Send out an email detailing how your business is managing the COVID-19 outbreak or how you plan to reopen once it is all over. If your hours or services have changed, include that information, too. By pairing with a local IT solutions company, you can ensure that all your customer information is stored and reliably backed-up. Not only does this make it easier to search through, but it also makes your customers feel safer knowing that their information is secure.

Harness Social Media

Nearly every customer you have is already on social media, and they’re checking their pages more frequently during this outbreak. If you don’t already have social media pages for your company, there’s no time like the present. It doesn’t matter whether you’re posting about the outbreak itself or some content relevant to your business. By increasing your posting frequency, you stay in the minds of your consumer base while adding another method of contact. Many customers may feel more inclined to reach out to your business if they’re able to do so from a platform that they’re familiar with, like social media.

Create Video Content

If you have the ability, you can even begin to create content for your customers. There are dozens of websites, including major social media platforms, that allow you to live stream. This is a great opportunity for you to show off products or services while also being able to answer questions from your community. Especially for businesses local to Orlando, FL, content like live streams or videos remove the idea that you’re a faceless company and encourage customers to engage with you. This can require a unique network setup, so teaming up with an IT services company serving your area can ensure that you’re ready to produce content for your customers.

Because COVID-19 has disrupted the normal interactions between customers and businesses, it’s more important than ever to stay in contact with your consumer base. Millennium Technology Group understands local businesses and those relying on small business IT services in Orlando, FL. It’s crucial for your business to have all of the systems you need to reach out to your customers. We ensure that you’ll also have all of the IT support you need to continue operating and supporting your customers even during the coronavirus outbreak.