The New Year is an ideal time to assess your progress and growth from last year and make a plan for how to improve in the coming months—both personally and professionally. If you want 2021 to be a great year of growth for your company, you should take the time to make sure you have the services and support you need to make it happen. This includes the support you receive from your managed services provider. Here are six signs that indicate this might be a good time to switch to a new MSP for small businesses in Orlando, FL.

You’re Not Getting Upgrade Technology

Your MSP should help your company stay on top of the latest, most efficient software and technology for your industry. They should help you transition to these new technologies and give you the support you need to ensure you’re using them efficiently. If your MSP hasn’t upgraded your software, helped you set up remote capabilities (especially with so many people working remotely), and doesn’t provide you with cloud backup services, you should look for a new provider this year.

They’re Not Meeting Expectations

When you signed on with your current MSP, you probably had certain expectations for the kind of service you would receive. Are they meeting those expectations, or are they repeatedly falling short? What areas are they falling short in? Lousy communication, slow response times, and other inconsistencies in your service shouldn’t merely be tolerated. If they’re just not hitting the mark for you, find a company that will.

Their Customer Service Is Lacking

Even if their tech team is exceptional, it doesn’t mean much if their customer service is terrible. Long hold times on the phone, rude representatives, requesting the same information over and over again, and constant transfers from one person to another are a waste of your time. Your time is valuable, and you should be treated with respect. If your MSP isn’t providing that, the rest of their services don’t matter.

MSP For Small Businesses

They’re Not Proactive about Improvements

A managed service provider should not merely respond to breakdowns and other issues; they should be an active partner that works to upgrade, improve, and update your network, servers, and devices. Your MSP should be proactive about these things and not wait until you reach out and request assistance. If they’re not working to improve your business just like you do daily, they’re not the MSP for you.

They Don’t Consult with Your Team

While an MSP is a third-party company, they should feel like a part of your team. They should consult with you on their technology strategy and work with your team members to ensure they’re trained on new software, cybersecurity, and other issues that fall within their wheelhouse. If you never hear from your MSP, they’re probably not providing you with all of the benefits a higher-quality MSP could.

They’re Upfront and Clear in Communication

In addition to communicating with you regularly, your MSP should also communicate clearly and openly at all times. This applies to their services and fees and when providing any training or assistance on tech issues. They should be able to explain the work they’re doing in a way that is clear and easy to understand, and you should never be caught off-guard by surprise fees.

If your MSP isn’t cutting it, make a change. Millennium Technology Group can provide you with the services and network solutions in Orlando that your company needs. Give us a call today and give your business a great start in the New Year.