Managed service providers (MSPs) help companies handle critical business operations related to IT infrastructure and ongoing performance. While this might sound very technical, in reality, it’s a service that every company needs—not just those in the tech industry. Keep reading to learn more about managed IT services for small businesses in Orlando, FL, and why these services are necessary for businesses in every industry.

Every Business Uses Technology

Today’s business world—and every other part of our world, for that matter—relies on technology. Most office work is done on computers. Many business phone systems are internet-based. Having Wi-Fi on your premises is generally expected. No matter what industry your business is in, you rely on technology on a daily basis and, therefore, can benefit from a partner to help you manage that technology more effectively.

Being a small business or one in a less technical field is no reason to settle for inefficient software, systems, and equipment. When you work with an MSP, your technology becomes more than a tool to get things done—it’s a vehicle to help your business grow more quickly.

Cyber Threats Are on the Rise

Cybersecurity threats are growing daily, and hackers tend to target smaller businesses that are less likely to have heavy security measures. No industry is safe from this threat, which can have serious financial consequences for your company. In fact, many small businesses never recover from the cost of a cyberattack and will end up closing their doors forever.

Managed IT services help ensure your business network is secure from outside threats. We perform routine stress testing of your network to check for weak points, and we regularly update your security software to protect your system from the latest viruses and malware. Hackers don’t discriminate based on industry, so being in a non-technical industry is never a good reason to skimp on your cybersecurity.

Productivity Can Improve

Productivity is a key resource for every business, regardless of size, location, or industry. The more productive your employees and your tools are, the more you can get done, the less time you waste, and the more profitable your business will be. While this is hardly a secret in the business world, far too many businesses fail to recognize that technology is a huge contributor to overall productivity.

Outdated equipment, inefficient processes, and redundant work cost your company money daily. There’s no denying that all types of businesses can benefit from that. Better technology can help fix that. We assess your current systems and processes to look for inefficiencies and provide recommendations for how your company can become more productive.

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Faster Disaster Recover

In business, a disaster can range from a cyberattack that corrupts your data to a building fire or natural disaster in your area. All of these circumstances will undoubtedly shut your company down for at least a short time; how quickly you recover can make the difference between getting back on your feet and shutting down for good. We help companies of all types develop disaster recovery plans and establish data backup protocols that make it easier to get back up and running after a disaster.

No matter what type of business you own—large or small, in a tech-driven industry or any other field—you can benefit from working with an MSP. Contact the Millennium Technology Group, an IT services company serving Orlando, FL, today to learn more about how our services can help you.