Technology is constantly growing and changing. For consumers, falling behind in the latest technology simply means not having the newest and most efficient computer or smartphone. But for businesses, falling behind can mean the difference between staying competitive and being outpaced by the competition. Of course, not every business needs the same level of technology or IT support. So, how do you know which managed IT services in Orlando, FL, will benefit your company the most?

Here’s a list of the most common types of managed IT support. Take a look to determine which services will best help your company succeed.

Networking and Infrastructure

Almost every business has some level of infrastructure and networking between devices. Ensuring that this network is effective can help to improve overall efficiency. Depending on the size of your network, this area of service might include the following:

  • Remote networking – Allowing team members to connect to your network from remote locations via wireless devices.
  • Onsite infrastructure support – Setting up the software and hardware in your office.
  • Cloud infrastructure management – Ensuring team members can collaborate via cloud-based portals.
  • Managed data backup – Ensuring data is backed up for preservation as well as remote access.

If your company’s current infrastructure doesn’t allow for reliable remote access or consistent data backup, you could benefit greatly from this type of IT support.

Network and Data Security

We may still use the phrase “time is money,” but in today’s business world, data is the real currency—and that makes it an ideal target for cyber thieves. If you handle data of any kind (and the odds are high that you do), then it’s essential that you’re protecting that data from loss and theft. Beyond simply installing anti-malware software on your company’s computer systems, you also need to keep up with the latest software updates to ensure nothing can bypass your current security protocols.

Additionally, keeping hardware components and software programs fully integrated and compatible with one another can keep your network from being compromised. If you don’t currently have professional data security, it’s something you should consider.

General IT Support Services

Of course, managed IT services can still include day-to-day support for dealing with issues and handling problems with your company’s technology. However, many small businesses don’t need a full team of technology specialists to meet their support needs. Remote, third-party services allow you to get the support you need, when you need it, without the high costs of keeping your own in-house IT team.

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On the other hand, some businesses do need an IT team, but those specialists are so busy handling support requests that they don’t have the time to work on developing and improving your company’s technology. This might keep your systems running, but it doesn’t provide any opportunity for growth. In these cases, outsourcing those support services can enable your in-house specialists to focus on projects that will drive your business’s success.

If any of the above sounds true for your business, contact our company for IT support in Orlando today. We provide a range of plans and managed services to meet your exact technology needs while staying within your company’s budget.