A network security assessment isn’t something that many business owners think about getting—but you should. Getting this type of evaluation is a bit like having your car tuned up; it allows you to have a professional IT consultant in Orlando, FL, look over your system and ensure everything is running correctly, and in as efficient a manner as possible. Please keep reading to learn more about network security assessments and why they’re so crucial for your business.

What Is a Network Security Assessment?

So, aside from the IT equivalent of a car tune-up, what exactly is a network security assessment? To put it simply, it’s an audit that searches for security vulnerabilities that could be exploited to expose sensitive information, steal financial data, or otherwise harm your business. This assessment looks at all of your network security systems to find gaps and breaches that hackers could take advantage of in the future.

Types of Network Security Assessments

There are two types of network security assessments. The first is a vulnerability assessment. This shows your company any weaknesses within your network and gives tips on managing or correcting those vulnerabilities. The second is a penetration test. This mimics an actual cyber-attack or social engineering attack on your network. It could simulate a phishing scheme or other scam directed at your employees or be a more direct attempt to hack into your network.

What’s the Purpose?

As previously stated, the purpose of a network security assessment is to search for vulnerabilities in your network. But why does this matter? In the digital age, data is money. Sensitive client information, trade secrets, and even contact information for vendors can all be used against your business. A single cyber-attack has the potential to cause severe financial harm to your company, as well as to damage your reputation with your clients.

Additionally, your business may have a regulatory responsibility to perform these assessments regularly. For example, health care organizations must ensure that their security networks are up to HIPAA standards, while credit card processors must comply with PCI DSS regulations:

Network Prevention From Hackers

A network security assessment can help you to understand the following:

  • The systems most likely to be breached
  • The most common entry points for security breaches
  • The potential impact of a cyber-attack on certain business assets
  • The information likely to be exposed from a data breach or leak
  • What you can do to prevent this type of attack

When you understand these things, you’re better able to protect your business and customers from security breaches in your network.

If it’s been a while since your security network has had a “tune-up,” contact the Millennium Technology Group today. We offer many different IT services, including network security assessments and IT consulting in Orlando, FL. We can help you pinpoint network vulnerabilities and then guide you by improving your network security so that those vulnerabilities no longer exist. Give us a call today to schedule your network security assessment or to learn more about our other services.