With much of the world still battling COVID-19, most businesses have made it standard to perform temperature checks before entering the premises. While this is essential to help protect employees and customers alike, it can become a bottleneck for individuals coming into the building—which in and of itself can be a health hazard. That’s why many companies are turning to thermal walk-through scanners to perform these checks, instead of having an employee use a contactless forehead thermometer. Keep reading to learn more about how these scanners can be safer and more efficient, and how you can get one from an IT company in Orlando, Florida.

Improved Efficiency

FeverScan body temperature and thermal camera scanner are far more efficient than having every person step up to the front desk and dedicating an employee to the task. Not only is it a waste of employee hours to have someone continually performing temperature checks, but the process is also much slower than what the body temperature scanner can do. It allows employees and customers to move into the building much more quickly, so the business can keep flowing.

Safer and Healthier

Though temperature checks are intended to keep everyone in the building safe and healthy, they can present a bit of a problem in reality—because the method of taking temperatures doesn’t follow CDC guidelines. Using a contactless thermometer requires your employee to stand much closer than the recommended 6 feet. And, as mentioned above, the slower process can create a bottleneck, making people congregate in the entry area as they await their temperature checks.

FeverScan H3000H Body Temperature Scanner is an access control device with a precise recognition rate, large storage capacity, and fast recognition, integrating non-contact temperature detection technology. The scanner can achieve face recognition and temperature detection simultaneously and alert them to anyone with an elevated temperature using both visual and auditory alarms so that they can be sure to catch any high-risk individuals without getting close.

Temperature Scanner Accuracy

Greater Accuracy

Contactless thermometers can be notoriously inaccurate, especially if the user isn’t trained to use the thermometer with total precision. If the thermometer is held at the wrong angle, or if the individual scanned is standing in direct sunlight or under an air vent, their temperature reading will be inaccurate. Walk-through scanners are accurate to within 0.3 degrees and are not impacted by user errors, since they perform the scans themselves.

Continued Use

COVID-19 is not the only illness that can impact your office’s efficiency. Even someone coming in with a simple flu virus can significantly impact your other workers. When a virus spreads through a business, it can leave you with significantly reduced staff and cause those who are present to be much less efficient. Installing a walk-through scanner isn’t just about screening for potential cases of COVID-19—it’s about protecting your workers and anyone else in your office from illness at all times.

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