In a digital world, data security is of the utmost importance for individuals and businesses alike—which is top IT services in Orlando, FL. And, because data security means so much to your potential customers, they’re not likely to work with a company that isn’t as secure as possible. While many companies let data security fall by the wayside in terms of their business priorities, others really have it together. What do the most secure organizations all have in common? Here are 7 of their habits that make a difference.

They View Security as Central to Digitization

The companies that allow their digital security to slide tend to view the digitization of data and the security of that data as two separate issues. On the other side of the coin, secure companies view these two aspects of data management as inseparable—if your data is digital, it needs digital security measures. While it might sound simple, this viewpoint drives all other actions related to data security.

They Actively Manage Risk

Proactive risk management is key for secure organizations. Waiting until there’s a breach to re-secure your data is like waiting for your boat to spring a leak instead of maintaining it, to begin with. If you’re not actively assessing your level of security risk and taking measures to protect your data, then you will eventually have a data breach—and you’ll be left to frantically bail the water from your proverbial boat as you clean up the ensuing mess.

They Utilize Automation

While most people think data losses are related to failures in technology and cybercriminal activity, they’re just as likely to be caused by human error. Simple mistakes can lead to catastrophic data losses, which is why highly secure organizations utilize automation where appropriate. Eliminating the human element in terms of your data protection can often make your system more secure.

They Train and Retrain Their Employees

Speaking of the human element, secure organizations also take steps to make their employees more security savvy. These businesses have a clear security policy and standard security procedures that help to protect the business and the data they handle—and employees are trained on these items upon hiring, as well as being retrained on them regularly. The more security intelligence your workers have, the more secure your data will be.

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They Use Updated Technology

Outdated tech is far more likely to be hacked or to simply experience a major failure than new, updated technology. Cybercriminals are constantly learning and evolving, finding ways around standard security measures. This is another reason why proactive risk management is so important; you can stay ahead of the criminals and update your technology more rapidly than they can learn to hack it.

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